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Helping to build and defend profitable and practical business organiations since 2008.

The Firm

Newmoon Law, P.C. was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2008 and now has offices there and in Pueblo, Colorado. Since its inception the firm has helped build and defend profitable and practical business organizations for clients in both English and Spanish. We focus on organizing and analyzing your information into a custom, effective strategy that will achieve the best solution for you.

At Newmoon Law, P.C., we’re dedicated to finding creative ways to help you extract value from your business and real estate deals. We understand that a business is not a stack of documents, or a physical plant, it is a course of action that is intended to derive some sort of profit. Our philosophy is to focus on your course of action by using business practices to reduce legal risk while increasing your reliable profits. Our attorneys and support staff work together to make sure that your business is using the most efficient course of action that it can for reliable growth and wealth creation.

The challenge for most growing businesses today is that as they become successful they are faced with a major decisions about software that they may not completely understand. Software has become one of the biggest factors affecting a business’ success because it can hinder or hamper your business’ course of action. NLPC has worked with several types of businesses and software and we understand how software can impact your business’:

● Profitability

● Labor Force

● Process Efficiency

● Tax Planning, and

● Legal compliance.

With this understanding we are able to work with your business to craft scalable solutions that allow your business to compete in a 21st century environment.

The Process

The first step with Newmoon Law, P.C. is a meeting with one of our team members to check for conflicts and ensure that we can provide the best possible service for you. Most of our clients come to Newmoon Law, P.C. because they want someone who can consider their interests from a fiduciary perspective. We often get clients who come in asking for a simple “legal product”, which most often will not solve the client’s problem. We take the time to recognize what the client needs so that they client doesn’t waste money on unnecessary “legal products”.

In order to ensure that our client’s interests are foremost we have to learn about their situation thoroughly, that is why our service processes begin with a strategy session. During our opening strategy session the attorney listens to the small details of a client’s situation, analyzes what it means to the client and then make sense of it for them.

After your opening strategy session there will be a research period where our team will research the items and issues that surfaced in your opening strategy session. After the the research period we reconvene with you to present you with solutions to the issues that the client wanted answers for. Our solutions consist of legal and non-legal analysis and they include simple action plans that are set out in chronological order for your convenience. At this point you are given the right to choose how much you want to spend, or what approaches you would like to take in implementing the solutions we identify for you. We find that Clients appreciate this level of control so that they can be sure that we are working in their interests. From the opening strategy session to the presentation of strategies the process can take 1-2 weeks.

After the presentation of solutions we begin the custom implementation process according to the choices that you have made. Custom implementation can take as long are as little as you desire depending on the pace and budget that fits your situation. At the conclusion of implementation you will be asked to rate our implementation services to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Jimmy Newmoon Roybal, Esq.

I am the founder of Newmoon Law, P.C. and I have crafted its services to function like an outsource General Counsel. I aim specifically to give small business entrepreneurs the same sort of advantage that larger corporations have without having to hire an attorney full time. My years of experience as an entrepreneur and working with small businesses allows me to work with you from a place of understanding and urgency toward your goals.

I am a native of Pueblo Colorado and I attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs. I later attended law school at Temple University, where I received a Juris Doctor, Estate Planning Certificate and an L.L.M. in Taxation. I have been admitted to the Pennsylvania bar since 2007 and the Colorado bar since 2016.

I am an active member of the communities I live in. In Pueblo I serve on the board of the Pueblo Arts Alliance, I have advised the Grupo Folklorico del Pueblo, and I have participated in several political campaigns as an advisor, manager, or canvasser. In Philadelphia I was a member of the Northeast Sunrisers Rotary, Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, LeTip of Glenside, and I served as an elected committeeman and member of Philadelphia’s 55th Ward executive board. I have also been involved in the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors, Diversified Investor Group, South Jersey Real Estate Investor Association, and the Homeowner’s Association of Philadelphia (HAPCO). I hope to work with people in Pueblo to create a Southern Colorado Real Estate Investor’s Association.

I believe that lawyers exist to add value to your business. My clients appreciate my ability to take a holistic approach to the law and their business as I craft the best solutions for them to succeed in their business. Aside from being an attorney, I am also an advocate for cultural arts and dance. I contribute both time and money to my favorite arts and dance organizations because I believe that these organizations improve our communities.