Business Accelerator™ Series

Services to help small businesses improve their effectiveness through the implementation of proactive legal strategy.


"Newmoon Law puts contractors and other home improvement related companies on the path to profitability by helping them streamline their operations an processes."

Most people get involved in contracting because they have a successful business in a trade, but they do not realize that contracting is aptly name because it is about contracts more than anything else. When you are a subcontractor working for the general, your agreement to work on a handshake only affects your part of the job, but when you are a contractor you have to worry about your agreements with everyone, and you have to make sure that they don’t run over and cut into your profit margin.

How the Jump Start Program can benefit your Contractor Business

  • Contract packs to keep your clients impressed, happy, and honest.

  • Contract packs for subcontractors and virtual assistants that give you the best control of the intellectual property created.

  • Employee/Subcontractor compliance strategy.

  • Risk management analysis to encourage business growth.

  • Prepare to be a desirable joint venture partner.

How the Growth Program can benefit your Contractor Business

  • Policy and procedure analysis to identify opportunities for growth.

  • Increase productivity from customer relationships.

  • Find profits from licensing and leveraging intellectual property.

  • Legal and marketing strategy designed together to help your growth.

  • Engage in joint ventures with confidence that they will be profitable with legal due diligence and strategy.

How the Ready to do Something Else Program can benefit your Coaching Business

  • Bring in talent without worrying that they will steal your business.

  • Prepare to receive maximum value for the business on the sale market.

  • Create business infrastructure that will allow you to spend less time working, but still make the money you desire.