Business Accelerator™ Series

Services to help small businesses improve their effectiveness through the implementation of proactive legal strategy.


"Clear it.

Zone it.

Own it.

Stay on the profitable side of the deal with Newmoon Law."

Is real estate a major part of your business? We help real estate entrepreneurs at various stages of their business make and sustain profits. Whether you are developing your own projects and looking for land use approvals or simply fixing and flipping, we provide the contractual and business infrastructure that you need to be profitable over time.

How the Jump Start Program can benefit your Real Estate Business

Are you trying to build assets as a real estate investor? Are you trying to diversify your holdings by entering into the landlord business? Have you gone to a training and learned about different strategies you can use to make a lot of money by investing in real estate?

  • Cut through the hype of the many training programs and learn how to make solid fundamental real estate transactions.

  • Learn how to structure your transaction to have the best shot at financing.

  • Contracts to help you wholesale, flip, or acquire properties with confidence.

  • Limit the damage that bad tenants can cause.

How the
Growth Program can benefit your Real Estate Business

  • Moving to bigger projects, such as commercial and multi-units.

  • Real estate investing as a business rather than as someone just trying to build a few assets.

  • Buying and selling real estate as going business concerns not just as real property.

  • Developing projects with coordinated community and government programs.

How the Ready to do Something Else Program can benefit your Real Estate Business

  • Selling assets at top value in groups or in pieces.

  • Setting up managed asset groups.

  • Acquiring and maintaining responsible property management.