Starting Service with NLPC

NLPC does its best to work with clients as efficiently as possible at controlled flat rates in most cases. We aim to give our undivided attention to each client matter as we are working with it, so the best way for us to get to know you and your situation is for you to write a quick description of what you need. We do our best to address your written inquiry within 1-2 business days, which is much faster than waiting on phone calls and live meetings which can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on current caseload.

As much as possible NLPC tries to let you know if we can help you and how much we think it will cost for us to handle your case so that you can make a meaningful economic decision about how to move forward.

To request a quote for your matter the easiest way is to fill out this form.-Link to solicitation form

Or email with the subject line QUOTE PLEASE.

  1. Do not include any confidential information except the names of the people or businesses involved so that NLPC can check for conflicts and make sure that we would not be prohibited from taking your case on a conflict of interest basis.

  2. Describe your issue in general terms. Our attorney may reply to you and ask for more details if necessary, but err on the side of being more general.

  3. Please include what your deadlines/timelines are for action. Please note that NLPC is not available for emergency litigation or representation in court.

Types of Services

NLPC focuses on business and real estate strategy, advising and transactional work. Our services are designed to keep you out of court rather than undertake the cost of expensive litigation. We work on business process, structure, and practice that respects your business relationships and acknowledges the relative economic leverage in your business to create “winnable” situations. Many attorneys can help you draft the absolute iron-clad contract with all of the legal bells and whistles, but can you afford to enforce your rights under that contract when it comes time? Can you enforce it without killing your economic relationships that continue to allow you to build revenue? Most small and midsize businesses cannot, so we work with you to find your points of leverage and process advantages that you can use to keep yourself from being towed under by the relationship and dollar costs that come with litigation and arbitration.

  1. Business Continuity Drills

    1. Business Succession design and testing

    2. Business interruption drills

  2. Business Process Building

    1. Creation of process based on economic leverage to avoid the cost of litigation and enforcement.

  3. Estate planning for business owners

  4. Real estate transactions

    1. Contract review

    2. Custom Contract drafting

    3. Resolution of transactional disputes prior to litigation

    4. Buyer Consultation and Strategy

  5. Business Contracts and Transactions