Business Process Building

  1. Use process to ensure compliance files are completed in a tim

  2. Worker’s Compensation tracking and audit preparation.

    • In a growth environment for businesses performing work in moderate to high cost Worker’s Compensation codes you can easily lose your profits right back to the Worker’s Compensation audit if you do not have adequate process to track your workers across codes, collect a worker’s comp burden, and

  3. Leverage your office software to create efficient process (In conjunction with UBE and other specific providers approved by the client)

    • Office software suites are now so powerful that you may not need pay for that myriad of other “plug in” software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions. Lots of businesses pay for redundant software capability because they don’t understand how to configure their software with their basic practice. The customer sales agents of the software that you use are great at getting you to us

    • Be in control of your most important databases.

So your business has a Contact Relationship Manager that is free. Awesome! UNLESS you read the fine print. Can the provider company solicit your customers? Can they aggregate your data and sell your list? If they control your customer list do they have more control over the future of your business than you do?

    • Internet connections

      • “The cable guy said this is what I need and I have never had a problem.” Internet connections for residential customers do not have the same considerations as internet connections for COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES. Are you opening yourself up to liability or complete business failure because you don’t have

    • Telephone systems

      • How flexible is your telephone system? Can it follow you when you want, but leave you alone when you need to be left alone.